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Long Haul Flights - A Survival Guide


I found myself on a 24 hour travel stint from Home all the way to Strasbourg France. So I want to note down some of the things that I did to make the journey more bearable. While adding some things that I wish I had done, and will do on the way home.

What I did

  • Sleep - Time flies when you don't perceive it. I hate sleeping on flights but I managed.
    • An eye mask and ear plugs worked wonders to just block out the world.
  • Entertainment - Prior to the flight I downloaded a series to watch. The hours tend to fly quickly when you're engrossed in a series with 1 hour long episodes.
  • Hygiene - Nothing feels worse than feeling unclean.
    • I had a toothbrush and toothpaste in my carry on. I brushed my teeth before landing.
    • I also brought deodorant and a change of underwear and shirt for my layover.
  • Travel Comfy - There's no point in sitting for 24 hours in stiff pants and tight shoes.
  • Stretch and Walk - I made sure to get up and walk around every couple of hours.

What I wish I did

  • Bring an extra pair of pants - The change of clothes was great, but I wish I had a fresh pair of pants.
  • Pack more in the Checked Bag - I had a bunch of room left in my checked bag. I probably didn't need both jackets in the carry on.
  • Read more - I had a book but didn't get around to it.
  • Stay Hydrated - It became way more obvious how thirsty I was when I landed. Find a water fountain ASAP.

Overall I did well, there were just a couple of things that stopped me from feeling 100% fresh when I landed. This is mostly for me to refer to in the future.